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Esthetics Courses

Estheticians are specialists that focus on cosmetic treatments for skin. Most beauty colleges offer an esthetics program for students that are interested in skin care, make-up and spa services.

An esthetics program is usually around 600 hours or approximately 4 months of full-time attendance. The program is very specialized and focuses on skin care treatments.

Many schools will have a wet body spa room and custom facial and make-up training rooms with skin care equipment, motorized hydraulic facial chairs and other training aids.

Students can expect to learn how to analyze skin and provide basic skin treatments such as cleaning, toning, exfoliation, mask application and basic massage. As classes progress, more advanced treatments like facials, microdermabrasion, extractions and makeup application should be covered.

On Hands Experience

An important piece of every esthetics program is the on hands experience. Students will get to perform skin care treatments on customers while an instructor oversees the treatment. This provides valuable time with customers and will give students immediate feedback on how they can improve.


Make-up classes are an integral part of a good esthetics program. Classes should include instruction on how to apply make-up for different applications such as photography, theater and film as well as how to determine which types of make-up to use for different facial structures.

Spa Therapy

Esthetics courses will include hands-on classes that are designed to teach the theory and practical aspects of body spa treatments. Students will learn how to apply body treatments such as full body massage, hot stone massage, body bronzing, body wraps and cellulite treatments.

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