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Welcome to Maricopa Beauty College

There are many schools in Maricopa County and the rest of Arizona offering a wide range of specialized training programs in the beauty industry. We provide information on the more popular courses offered and what students can expect to learn from them. You can find information like the length of a typical training program as well as what types of courses are offered.

Beauty School Courses

Many people that consider going to a beauty academy began their journey at a salon. A lot of them want to become a hairstylist while others want to focus on nails or skin. Each of these specializations requires a unique training program. All beauty schools are different but most offer some or all of the following courses designed for each different salon specialization.

Cosmetology - This is what makes beauty schools different than other colleges and universities. Students will work on real customers in a salon environment and be taught how to shampoo, cut, style, color and treat hair.
Nail Technician - Most beauty academies offer a nail technician training program. These classes teach students how to perform manicures and pedicures and how to work with the nail technology that is available.
Esthetics - Estheticians are taught how to perform cosmetic treatments on skin. These classes cater to students that are interested in skin care, make-up and spa services.
Instructor - An instructor course is for beauty professionals that already have some experience in the beauty industry and are looking to share their knowledge with others.
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